Parent Center

  • Student Progress Center (Student Command Center)
     Also known as the Parent Command Center
  • Math Website
    Click here to visit a website with math videos to help students with Common Core Math.
  • Great Website!
    This website has games and other resources for students in grades Pre-K - 12.

    Click here to go to

  • ACT Practice
    Click here for additional ACT practice.
  • EOC Practice
    Click here for EOC (End of Course) practice testing.
  • Homework Louisiana
    Click here to access a free website which offers tutoring and live homework help.
  • Helpful Common Core Website
    Click here!

    This website has demonstration lessons to help with math homework and as well as math games for students.

  • Policy for Seclusion/Restraint for Exceptional Students
    Click Here for policy.
  • BCS Moodle
    (For BCS Online Learning Communities)