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5/16/18 Baccalaureate/Senior Awards Night
3/22/18 Awards Day
3/20/18 National Junior Honor Society Induction
3/12/18  National Honor Society Induction 
3/10/18  Drama Club Play "A Royal Pain"
2/26/17 Jr Ring Ceremony
2/9/18 Varsity vs Mangham
1/25/18 Awards Day
1/23/18 Varsity vs General Trass
1/5/18 Varsity vs Vidalia
12/12/17 Varsity vs St Fred
11/14/17 Jr High vs D'Arbonne Woods
11/17/17 Basketball Meet the Tigers
11/16/17 Spanish Club Field Trip
11/15/17 Field Trip-Pajamas
11/14/17 Jr High vs D'Arbonne
11/11/17 Belles Performance at Houston Rockets Game
11/9/17 Book Fair
11/6/17 1st 9 Weeks Awards Day
11/3/17 Varsity Football vs Ferriday (gallery 1 kds)--Senior Night
11/3/17 Varsity Football vs Ferriday (gallery 2 kjs)
11/3/17 Blackout Pep Rally
10/31/17 Halloween Parties
10/31/17 Trick or Treating
10/26/17 DARE
10/20/17 Varsity vs Rayville-Homecoming (gallery 1 kjs)
10/20/17 Varsity vs Rayville-Homecoming (gallery 2 kds)
10/20/17 Homecoming Pep Rally (gallery 1-kjs)
10/20/17 Homecoming Pep Rally (gallery 2-kds)
10/20/17 Homecoming Pep Rally (gallery 3-pl)
10/20/17 Homecoming Pep Rally (gallery 4-tl)
10/19/17 Thur-Hillbilly vs Hippie
10/18/17 Wed-What Not To Wear
10/17/17 Tues-Tacky Tourist 
10/16/17 Mon-Mathletes vs Athletes
10/13/17 Pumpkin Patch
10/12/17 Spanish Dual Enrollment Field Trip
10/10/17 1st Grade-Paramedic 
10/9/17 2nd Grade-Fire Safety
10/6/17 Varsity Football at Delhi Charter
10/3/17 Jr High Football vs Crossett 
10/2/17 Fall Festival
9/29/17 Varsity Football vs Mangham
9/29/17 Pep Rally (gallery 1-kds)
9/29/17 Pep Rally (gallery 2-kw)
9/28/17 Jr High Football vs Delta (gallery 1-kds)
9/28/17 Jr High Football vs Delta (gallery 2-kw)
9/26/17 Mrs. Bulloch's class
9/22/17 Autumnal Equinox-Mr. Morrison's class
9/15/17 Varsity Football vs Lakeside (gallery 1-ks)
9/15/17 Varsity Football vs Lakeside (gallery 2-KS)
9/15/17 Hawaiian Pep Rally (gallery 1-ks)
9/15/17 Hawaiian Pep Rally (gallery 2-KS)
9/11/17 Jr High Football at Crossett
8/31/17 Meet the Tigers
8/25/17 Varsity Football at Drew Central
8/18/17 1st Day (7th-12th)
8/17/17 1st Day (1st-6th)